Original Hardware by Carrie Scafer, was born after a happenstance trip into a bead shop and with the lure of floor to
ceiling colors & shapes, she left with an armful of supplies and began creating jewelry for family and friends.  "My
design philosophy is simple: make pieces that reflect the strength, beauty and individuality of its wearer.  I like to
make pieces that are off the beaten path and incorporate the cultures and colors of blue sky or tangerine sunset, my
pieces also reflect Colorado's ever-changing natural  surroundings.  From the hand-forged silver pendants to the
contemporary sterling silver designs tarnished by my own hands, I believe that details do make a difference.  I choose
only high-quality materials and semi-precious gemstones and prefer handcrafted components made by skilled
artisans from around the world.  The last two lines materials and semi-precious gemstones and prefer handcrafted
components made by skilled artisans from around the world.  The last two lines of my favorite poem by Robert Frost
touts the virtues of listening to the little voice that urges all of us to try something new, something original.   "Two
roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled" by, the poem declares, and that has made all the
difference.  My goal is to take a few unexpected turns along the way.  My designs reflect that philosophy, too."
Maruca Design embraces the principles of the Arts & Crafts movement in America.  We believe that creating
small production runs of a given enriches the world.  This vision is an inclusive one; it results in an aesthetic that
moves from hand to heart to mind.  As we design and produce, Maruca Design embraces the principles of the
Arts & Crafts movement in America.  We believe that creating small production runs of a given our handbags, we
strive for integrity, high quality and meaningful relationships within our studio.  As an American based company
(Boulder, craft or product within a cottage industry setting creates a consciousness that humanizes our work,
enhances the welfare of others, and CO), we seek to balance fairness with resourcefulness and creativity with
common sense.  This joy of working, is what inspires us to embelish and beautify our utilitarian products, respect
our workers and listen to our clients.  We embrace the freedom that allows us to create with persistence, style
and humor. ~ Rex Maruca
Firefly jewelry is designed by Juan Carlos Chavajay Vaquez, in conjunction with Edward Rudnicki, the owner of
Firefly, and with help from Juan Carlo's design assistants.  Firefly provides employment and training in comfortable
working conditions and fair wages to the indigenous people of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala.  The workshop
employs over 80 skilled  men and women.  The indigenous people of the village are very skilled in their traditional
arts; the women weave on the back strap loom and are skilled in embroidery, and the men are also skilled in
embroidery, weave on foot looms and are skilled in making fish nets.  We have taken many of the traditional skills
and transformed them into jewelry making skills.  The workshop is spacious and filled with skylights and
windows, every artisan has their own worktable and light.  It is built around a plant and flower filled courtyard with
the ever-vigilant terriers Ricky & Rocky around to greet the workers and roam the gardens.
Mary Ann Werts founded Tabask in 2001 with a vision to create unique handcrafted clothing and accessories for
women. Key components of that vision was a commitment to natural, sustainable fibers such as alpaca, wool and
cotton and to work only with factories and co-ops that subscribe to the principles of Fair Trade Labor. Tabask has
become a company recognized for its vibrant, textural collections of finely crafted women's sweaters, jackets,
handbags, accessories and jewelry. Working with the skilled artisans of Peru, many of whom are located high in the
Andes mountains, has been an emotionally rewarding journey that she hopes to continue for a long time.
Est. 2006 in Guatemala, Wakami is a socially conscious brand that designs fashion accessories influenced by
ancestral culture and weaving techniques from Central America and beyond. Our brand represents a rustic, yet
urban lifestyle and encourages people to connect with one another—the Earth—their dreams. We aim to enrich
the lives of both the artisans who create Wakami products and those who buy them, inspiring them to do what
they love most: Traveling the world, creating art, or simply seeking new experiences, Wakami wants you to be
your dream!
Sienna Sky is fun, casual jewelry that is comfortable to wear and handcrafted to last. Each piece is carefully designed
by Colorado artist, Barbara MacCambridge to capture her love of animals and nature. You'll also find many other
designs that reflect her appreciation for the whimsical and fun to wear.

Adajio is the newest collection of jewelry designed by Colorado artist Barbara MacCambridge. Inspired by a diversity
of imagery from ancient art of the Americas to contemporary African, Asian and European motifs -- Barbara’s interest
in color and texture infuses each item in the collection with a unique visual appeal. Earrings are completed with gold-
filled or sterling ear wires, as well as glass, metal and crystal beads. The resulting jewelry is not only unique and
colorful, but also lightweight and comfortable to wear.
About Thai silver
Finished hill tribe silver jewelry is entirely hand made by Karen hill tribe silversmiths in Northern Thailand using
traditional methods of craftsmanship. Thai hill tribe silver has a higher silver content than sterling (92.5%) and is
generally between 95 – 98% pure silver, which makes it softer and easier to pound and shape. Please note
handmade products may vary slightly in design and size.
Ellen Kelly designs and carves  models for  all the metalwork out of  wax and clay.     These “masters” are  cast out
of a  pewter alloy to create all the metal elements.  The finished piece is  plated  with sterling silver,  24 K  gold, or
copper.   We prefer  this  additional   finish  over  the  base metal because we feel it dresses up the piece and
adds   sparkle and value.  Various treatments are used with the finishes to add additional texture, such as
oxidizing, creating a matt finish, etc.
All of the pieces are meticulously  filled by hand with the crystals and other small embellishments.    We do this  
piece work in small batches  because we are working with  paints,  resins, and  polymers.   We use high quality
industrial strength products.
Joe earned a B.F.A in ceramics at Alfred University in upstate New York in 1982. After returning to Oregon, his
interest in clay sculpture evolved into a passion for jewelry. After a few years as a designer for another company
he successfully set out to sell his own works at arts festivals in the Northwest. Over time the business expanded
into wholesale with the help of Marie Bliven, Joes' wife and creative collaborator.
Sterling silver-filled or 14 Kt. rolled-gold is used for the hypo-allergenic ear wires. The original jewelry components
are made from etched brass, nickel-silver, copper and aluminum. A variety of unique surface treatments are used
including baked-on organic enamels, oxidation and hammering. Every piece is treated with an invisible tarnish
resistant protective coating
Cecilia opened the company In 2008 selling to retail and wholesale customers across the US and overseas.
The company offers high quality hand-made jewelry sourced in the USA.
Each piece is fabricated at Cecilia's Coconut Grove studio.
We believe in small local businesses that are supportive of their communities. We provide jobs for local artisans
that focus on manufacturing Cecilia's unusual designs with the highest quality and consistency while still giving
the pieces those personal touches that create the hand-made look.
"We believe that we can bring our clients the best quality of products when they are made locally".
"As we grow, we will be able to create more fun and interesting jobs opportunities in our community"
There once was an artist named Lynn, who kept all  her buttons in tins; needles, yarns and threads, piles of
fabrics in shreds; her art room a mess, she would often confess, "To create relieves stress!" With a smile on her
face it is true, she has created this puppet for you.
Fiber has always been a passion of mine. The unlimited textures, colors and designs have opened my creative
spirit to the endless possibilities.  Linda Parthemer
Our designer, Deborah Sparshott, has worked in a wide range of art and craft media. In the late eighties she
started working with clay, creating wonderful hand built vessels from porcelain. Always a bead lover and collector,
it was a natural step for her to start making her own beads to adorn her pots. The gallery that was showing Deb's
pots suggested she make a few necklaces with those precious handmade beads. Then a customer, buying a
necklace for his wife, asked if she could make a pair of earrings to go with the necklace. After she figured out
where to get 'those wires that go on earrings' she was off and running. One thing led to another, Deb combined
her beads with other treasures, and pretty soon the jewelry was outselling the pots. The rest is history!
Deb is a very prolific designer, inspired by materials she finds as well as color combinations found in nature and
patternsand textures found in architecture. She often shoots photos of weathered and worn buildings, fences
and fields and tries to incorporate some of the subtle nuances of color in her working palette. People often
comment on the effortless way she seems to combine disparate objects and shapes into a pleasing and
interesting wearable work of art. She also pays attention to fashions and trends, but never a slave to, simply as a
resource. There are a lot of decisions to be made, every season, every collection. Judging from the success of
Desert Heart over the last 20 years (!), it seems that Deb has made some good ones! Thank you for making us a
Wide Mouth Frog is now also a gift gallery offering affordable artisan made gifts, a production AND teaching studio
located at 18850A Front St, Poulsbo WA
To offer affordable artisan made gifts of metals, woods, visual arts, textiles, edibles and more!
Studio Wide Mouth Frog, aka Wide Mouth Frog Designs is a small scale metals studio. Although we specialize in
hand fabricated jewelry, we also create mixed metal sculpture for the home.
Best In Show/People's Choice Award, Juan de Fuca Festival of Arts 2009
Jewelry: One of a kind in precious metals and moderately priced wholesale jewelry line in mixed metal
Since 1992 Pandemonium Millinery has provided handmade custom designer hats, handbags and scarves at
reasonable prices to customer and business nationwide.  Using gorgeous faux furs, exotic silks, fine wools, luscious
velvets, and other fine fabrics.  Pandemonium offers a coordinated look with a distinctive selection of women's hats,
handbags and scarves for a coordinated look with attitude.  All products are handmade in our studio located in
Seattle, WA.  
Started in 2011 by soon-to-be newlyweds, Megan Dalbey and Jason Steffen, Dishique Boutique specializes in
unique and custom dinnerware for
every occasion.  Based in our new studio in  Arlington Heights, IL, we design,
create and fire each individual order.  This ensures that every dish is unique and of exceptional quality.
We hope you enjoy eating and entertaining with our product as much as we do!  From our home to
We were so young and naïve. It was 1981. I was the trained jewelry artist, the metalsmith, who had been creating jewelry
since junior high, stealing my Dad’s fly tying supplies along the way. Fresh out of college, I was working three jobs, while
Paul “Yashi” Lubitz, was the high energy guy that always had a ton of ideas for businesses he wanted to start but had never
held a “real job” for any stretch of time. What we didn’t know then, was no matter how different we were; we had a purpose
in this world together.
When Paul suggested we start a jewelry business I agreed. We transformed a one-car garage into our studio and started
creating jewelry that was built on craft, creativity and innovation. I had no idea that decision would change the whole course
of my life, and give me the opportunity to create jewelry that would inspire and excite women around the world. I am forever
humbled, motivated and committed to keeping you, the collector, surprised and entertained by consistently giving you
something new, something never done or worn before.
We’ve come a long way from those garage days…While our northern California design studio is now fifteen thousand square
feet we still honor the craft of jewelrymaking, hand crafting our jewelry in small batches, preserving the value of each piece
so it may live on for decades to come.
It is my life’s passion to take the beauty of the world we live in and transform it into the jewelry you see here. Each piece
has a story, each color combination a distinct choice. But, the journey only begins with us. It is the way you wear your piece,
creating your own magical moments along the way that takes what I do and turns it into a part of your life. As Paul and I keep
moving this company forward we remain forever grateful to everyone who has stood by us along this amazing ride.

Holly Hosterman,
Creative Director
When I was quite little I loved to look up into the sky and see whirly gigs, berries, and leaves dancing a quiet
rhythm down to our earth. I felt as if they were sailing down just to greet me. So I put them in my mouth and
cracked them with my teeth and performed "special surgery" with petals, budding twigs, and quarry stones. I
hoped to come up with a more interesting pattern. I did not—at least not then. But what I started to think about
was the implicit order of things. In other words, ART.
Many pivotal moments have happened along the way, aside from my formal art training. One of the most
interesting and paradoxical facts about me is that I cannot draw. But I absolutely have a total passion to
reconfigure and regroup elements until they find their right of repose. And when this happens, I am at rest with
the world.
Let me first tell you a little about my grandfather, for it was he who was my greatest influence.
He wove the most beautiful carpets: teal, cayenne, and cornflower blue. Peony pink, straw, and amber. Black,
white, and celadon. Remnants from a defunct dress factory. Diamonds from coal, rubies from rust.
He did it because he loved it. He did it just because he said he could. I learned a lot about desire and passion from
He drove a fruit and vegetable truck, the fecund cornucopia, the sweetest magic of this earth. I see it now as I saw
it then—the relationships between choke cherries and hen eggs, baby plums and Swiss chard, crab apples and
red leaf. Poetry. Bliss. Sustenance. He knew. And this was the art of his life.
Jewelry is the same for me. I must do it. When my grandfather heard the words "Nice, real nice" he would just smile
a secret smile. And now I smile the same smile when you adorn yourself with my jewelry.

Thank you.

Deb Brilla
Founder, 1989